Major of clinical art therapy

Clinical art therapy is a treatment method that combines art and medicine. It evaluates and diagnoses the mind-body condition of patients through art activities, and it is a treatment to improve treatment or symptom of disease.


The graduate school of art therapy at CHA university offers education in integrated medicine centered on the art therapy theory, application techniques, psychology, and medicine necessary for clinical field. It also provides systematic education for nurturing clinical art therapy experts, it’s active in international exchanges in cooperation with universities and the best clinical training institutions(17 countries including the United States).


In this course, students will acquire knowledge and skills on the theory and application techniques of art therapy required for prevention, reduction, and treatment of diseases and train clinical art therapists with psychological, artistic and medical skills.


We are teaching art therapy in integrated medicine focusing on art therapy theory and application technique, psychology, and medicine needed for clinical field, and research(clinical art therapy, color therapy, east-west medicine and east-west art therapy), medical treatment(clinical art therapy clinic of cha hospital) and education(clinical art therapy master’s course in graduate school of art therapy, clinical art therapy doctor’s course in medical department of graduate school) are systematically carried out.

Career direction after graduation

• Medical institutions, cancer centers and hospice palliative medical institutions, mental health center research institute.


• Child development center, welfare department voucher business implementation agency, dementia center.


• Kindergarten, welfare center, elementary, middle, high school clinic art therapist after school.

Medical practice institution

It has been linked with various medical environments for clinical application of art therapy, and it’s serving as a center for research and clinical art therapy in the world as well as domestic.


Anam hospital of Korea medical college(psychiatry), Guro hospital of Korea medical college(hospice relief and rare difficulty), Severance hospital cancer center of Yonsei medical college(children, adults), Mental health hospital of Yonsei medical college(alcohol, dementia, psychiatry), Seoul hospital of Hanyang medical college(child cancer), Gang-nam cha hospital(fertility clinic, postnatal care), Bun-dang cha hospital(art therapy clinic), Kang-dong seong-sim hospital(psychiatry), Korean armed forces capital hospital, Seoul national rehabilitation hospital, Seoul children’s hospital, Seoul rehabilitation hospital, Ansan rehabilitation hospital, Myong-ji hospital, Song-do hospital cancer center, Ilsan hospital(children and adults), Sunflower children’s center, Hanmaeum welfare center, Good people hospice, Aidu clinic, Aizon center, Angel Elderly center, Yeok-sam elderly care center, Military camp

International exchange

In keeping with internationalization, we are actively exchanging academic and research exchanges with art therapy universities and art therapy institutes in various countries.


USA(New York university, George Washington university, Hoffstra university), Spain(Barcelona university), Japan(Tokyo clinical art therapy association/MOA art museum/Tokyo Kimura clinic), France(Paris le Panso), Germany(Berlin Homeborg university hospital), China(Beijing medical university hospital, China clinical art therapy association), Swiss(Lucas clinic), Australia(Auckland White Cliff university), India(National Gujarati university), Finland(clinical art society), Hong Kong(art therapy society), Philippine(art therapy society), Singapore(art therapy association), Thailand(art therapy association), Malaysia(art therapy association), New Zealand(art therapy society), Canada(clinical art therapy association), Argentina(art therapy association).