The graduate school of art Therapy at CHA university
aims to cultivate the best art therapist

The graduate school of art Therapy at CHA university aims to cultivate the best art therapist who has a new paradigm of art therapy and presents a creative therapeutic model to combine the specialization and the excellent personality of the specialization of therapy and internationalization.


Our graduate school is composed of the best faculty members in the field of art therapy, medicine, psychology, etc. and presents professional and specialized curriculum.


It’s composed of various systematic curriculum, hands-on education and self-experienced art therapy, which is a necessary course of art therapist, clinical practice, super vision, and special lectures at home and abroad.


In addition, we are strengthening clinical education and practice in cooperative with Cha hospital, rehabilitation hospital, alternative medicine and integrated medicine center affiliated with CHA university.

We conduct academic exchanges with international famous art therapy college, exchange student internship, and training.


We will continue to provide re-training and training for art therapists for graduates.

Graduates of art therapy will demonstrate pride as therapists and creative practitioners in the field and exemplify art therapists who fulfill their social responsibilities. It also offers art therapy lectures, art therapy projects and art therapy services for the mental health of community citizens.


We will do our best to educate professional art therapists by presenting new direction and guidelines of art therapy in Korea by conducting systematic and creative education for the purpose of contributing to the development of art therapy and social and mental health of citizens.

Yeo Ju Chung
Dean of Graduate School of Art Therapy